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What charities can learn from Airbnb

By Lucy Gower Fundraising is going to get tougher. It is becoming more important than ever to nurture your supporters and provide them with an exceptional experience so that they are inspired to continue to support your charity. Quite simply, without them you can’t deliver your services. Successful commercial businesses understand the value of, and… Read more »

rendered customer segmentation concept

Six super simple segmentation secrets

By Michele Stender Have you ever been shopping and run across a piece of clothing that reads “One Size Fits All”? My first reaction is always: false! Specifically when it comes to hats—my head is definitely larger than “all” (Believe me – I’ve tried).  Or have you ever tried to replicate a celebrity hairstyle? I have. Apparently what… Read more »

Amplify your voice with Facebook ads

By Drew Bernard Non-profits have a significant advantage on Facebook. The non-profit advantage comes from the fact that content that people engage with on Facebook (like, share, comment on, etc.) gets far more reach and visibility than content that people see but don’t engage with. To be more precise, content that Facebook users want to be… Read more »

7 New Year’s Resolutions for your non-profit

Well, it’s another new year and we’ve all resolved to get fitter, read more, learn a foreign language or get PADI-certified and go scuba diving with manta rays off the cost of Ecuador. So before January slips by completely, we thought we’d share with you our top 7 New Year’s  resolutions that every non-profit should… Read more »

Lesson 4: Running a telethon at an independent school

By Dan Keyworth Click here for Lesson 1 Click here for Lesson 2 Click here for Lesson 3 Conclusions To get the most out of telethons, your institution should invest appropriately and balance the short and longer term objectives. Remember that you are also indirectly educating your pupils and staff to become ambassadors and donors… Read more »