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What charities can learn from Airbnb

By Lucy Gower Fundraising is going to get tougher. It is becoming more important than ever to nurture your supporters and provide them with an exceptional experience so that they are inspired to continue to support your charity. Quite simply, without them you can’t deliver your services. Successful commercial businesses understand the value of, and… Read more »

Thoughts following the reaction to Olive Cooke. Part 1

By Azadi Sheridan. I love fundraising and charities. Perhaps this is no surprise seeing as I’ve now worked either with, or for, charities for approaching twenty years. In that time, I’ve not seen a sector controversy as great as the one surrounding the tragic death of Olive Cooke. A few months have passed, and I wanted to see… Read more »

What’s Happening With Gift Aid and The Raiser’s Edge in 2013?

On April 22nd 2013, HMRC launches a new system for Gift Aid submission that allows you to send your Gift Aid claims directly from The Raiser’s Edge. This blog post gives you the information you need to know for this change, so that you’ve plenty of time to change over before the paper forms are… Read more »