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What’s Happening With Gift Aid and The Raiser’s Edge in 2013?

On April 22nd 2013, HMRC launches a new system for Gift Aid submission that allows you to send your Gift Aid claims directly from The Raiser’s Edge. This blog post gives you the information you need to know for this change, so that you’ve plenty of time to change over before the paper forms are… Read more »

New Duplicate Checking in Version 7.92 of The Raiser’s Edge

With the release of version 7.92 of The Raiser’s Edge a new algorithm is incorporated to enhance the prevention of duplicates.  In this post I will take you through some scenarios to illustrate the benefits of the new duplicate checking.  These scenarios are: 1. Carrying out a standard search through the Constituent Search screen with name… Read more »


CRM Platforms vs Products

With the emergence of more open technologies, web-based applications, and SOA architecture, I have seen an increasing number of charities who are looking to implement CRM platform solutions as opposed to CRM products which may provide more functionality ‘out of the box’. What’s the difference between a CRM platform and a product? A question which… Read more »