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Amplify your voice with Facebook ads

By Drew Bernard Non-profits have a significant advantage on Facebook. The non-profit advantage comes from the fact that content that people engage with on Facebook (like, share, comment on, etc.) gets far more reach and visibility than content that people see but don’t engage with. To be more precise, content that Facebook users want to be… Read more »

Content Creation: Where are You with Your Online Presence? Part 2

Haven’t read Part 1? Read it now! Following on from my previous post, I’m continuing to look at options for an organisation looking to improve their online presence. Blogging For the novice out there, Blackbaud Voice if Blackbaud’s blog about fundraising. A blog is defined by a series of discrete entries or posts. Blogs are often… Read more »


What’s Your Excuse?

I am still shocked when I speak with people in the not-for-profit world and hear some reason why they are not yet investing time developing their brand and communications with a wider audience in the social media world. It’s usually one or more of the following: “We’ve tried social media and it didn’t work” You’ve… Read more »

How Charities Can Bridge the Fundraising Generation Gap

Not-for-profits need to be more multi-channel when engaging with donors and supporters It is perhaps no surprise to learn that the Mature age group (born 1945 or earlier) in the UK donates more to charitable causes than any other. However the not-for-profit sector might be interested to learn how much more – Mature donors give… Read more »