Content Creation: Where are You with Your Online Presence? Part 2

Haven’t read Part 1? Read it now!

Following on from my previous post, I’m continuing to look at options for an organisation looking to improve their online presence.


For the novice out there, Blackbaud Voice if Blackbaud’s blog about fundraising. A blog is defined by a series of discrete entries or posts. Blogs are often the work of an individual or they can be from a group, usually about a single topic. They’re a form of social networking because visitors can leave messages and comments, and content can be posted to other social media sites. You may want to use it for outreach or opinion forming, branding or public relations.

If your cause has no voice online, a blog is a great way to get started. Advertising your blog URL in your organisation’s email signature can be an easy way to gain followers and get interest in posts. Google search picks up on blog content so keep your posts fresh, relevant and specific. Google also has the search function to be able to search only ‘blogs’ so take a look at a few that exist in your organisation’s mission space and see what others are discussing. To get started there are free blogging sites you can customise, alternatively look at investing and getting the professionals to get you started.

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