Great article by and about young donors

Who responds to Snail Mail?

What I really like about this article is that it gives some great advice on thinking about giving from a younger person’s perspective. I agree very much, and the data in our Donor Perspectives research supports it too.

It shows also that the recurring giving trend that started in Europe is spreading to the US. I loved the snippy paragraph about Direct Mail, a solution (another with Euro origins) is that the DM could have had a text giving response, or a mobile-friendly website to encourage a quick close on a DM peice.

One area that I disagree on is that all DM that young people receive is thrown out. I have heard (anecdotal, rather than research, data) that getting something through the post is so rare for younger donors that they actually respond better than 15+ years ago to a good DM treatment. They are also more able to give larger lumps as they’ve grown up in a culture of £100+ trainers and with street fundraising and charity DRTV around as long as they can remember, big giving is more culturally ingrained than the generation before…

What do you think? Does this ring true?

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