Keeping supporters sweet

In a fascinating research report from The REaD Group plc, which was published in April, more than half of UK adults said they would stop donating to a charity if it contacted them too frequently. Asked to select from a list of options of things that would make them stop donating, 53% of respondents chose… Read more »

EU Cookies and Blackbaud software (Updated)

This issue with cookies is one of the biggest and hottest topics currently doing the rounds in the UK.  We’ve had a large number of enquiries from people on how we should handle this issue when using Blackbaud software. Well, just like you should,  the first thing we have completed is to have a Cookie… Read more »

QR Codes and the value of Impulse giving

We’re all trying to find quicker and quicker ways by which people can make a donation. The impulse donation is as old as the hills and things such as collection tins have been a staple of fundraising for decades. How relevant is this though in an age of digital where smart phones are coming alive… Read more »

Are two screens better than one?

I was at an independent Higher Education user group recently and a Raiser’s Edge user said this: “The single most cost-effective thing for improving efficiency is two monitors rather than one.” Loads of people around the room agreed and that got me thinking (a) is there any evidence to support the statement and (b) how… Read more »

Five Fundraising tools for Mobile

There are many ways to fundraise via a mobile phone and more and more we are turning to a system that is easily accessible as well as gives far greater access to the donor.  Mobile phones are always carried, almost always on, personal, have a built in payment channel and are importantly, interactive. I’d like… Read more »