Top Offline tips for raising money

Third set of fundraising tips from the peer to peer experts at Everydayhero  Put up posters! Around your local town, in shop windows, at your local community hall, at work – ask before you put them up but if you explain what you are doing and for what great cause people are not likely to… Read more »

Top Tips for Raising Money at Home

Guest post Number 2 from our Peer to Peer experts at Everydayhero.  Host a cook off! Ask your friends and family to each contribute their favourite dish for an evening of delicious foods with everyone paying an entrance fee to your supporter page to take part. At the end of the evening have everyone vote and… Read more »

Is your SEO up to scratch?

If someone wanted to find your organisation online are you making it easy for them?  Google has released a series of videos from Google Analytics looking at common issues that people come across and have backed this up with a blog posting on how to do this.  Check out the first of the videos below.

5 Top Not for Profit blogs

In the interests of better sharing I wanted to share some Not for Profit blogs which I use regularly and are always a source of inspiration when looking at the industry. In no particular order –   1. Third Sector labs – This blog by Ross McCulloch always has a wealth of useful information and… Read more »