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rendered customer segmentation concept

Six super simple segmentation secrets

By Michele Stender Have you ever been shopping and run across a piece of clothing that reads “One Size Fits All”? My first reaction is always: false! Specifically when it comes to hats—my head is definitely larger than “all” (Believe me – I’ve tried).  Or have you ever tried to replicate a celebrity hairstyle? I have. Apparently what… Read more »


What Have You Done with My Money?

When was the last time you contacted your donors and specifically informed them of how their donation has helped your cause or been put to great use? No doubt you’ll have some heart-warming examples that showcase how successful fundraising has made a difference to an individual, family or a community’s life? Please share this with… Read more »


Email Testing – Four Simple Steps

Are you testing your email messages (subject lines, time and day of send, etc.)? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to improve your results. Email has a unique advantage over direct mail. You can immediately see what worked and adjust your message on-the-fly, if necessary. And while you may have a hunch about the best… Read more »

How Charities Can Bridge the Fundraising Generation Gap

Not-for-profits need to be more multi-channel when engaging with donors and supporters It is perhaps no surprise to learn that the Mature age group (born 1945 or earlier) in the UK donates more to charitable causes than any other. However the not-for-profit sector might be interested to learn how much more – Mature donors give… Read more »