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What’s Your Excuse?

I am still shocked when I speak with people in the not-for-profit world and hear some reason why they are not yet investing time developing their brand and communications with a wider audience in the social media world. It’s usually one or more of the following: “We’ve tried social media and it didn’t work” You’ve… Read more »


How to be a Fundraising Rockstar

Are you like me and wondering where the year is going? We’re fast approaching the mid-year mark and perhaps you’ve not yet been able to maximise on your fundraising in 2015 or, maybe you’re ramping up for events for the coming months? Whatever position you might be in, I thought I’d share a summary of… Read more »

Social Media in 2012 by the numbers

I found this excellent infographic on Pinterest via @thirdsectorlab and @marcbowker. It’s from the people over at The SEO Company and NowSourcing.  Orignially published on Mashable. Some fascinating numbers on Social Media engagement.  Plus some of the highlights of 2012. Source: mashable.com via Ross on Pinterest

Some chilling Social Media facts to start the year

Well…not exactly chilling but funny nonetheless   From the guys at @madeupstats and thepoke.co.uk.  This video is a parody of the excellent Erik Qualman video on Social media stats I put up here a few weeks ago.  It’s early in the new year so I thought I’d start the new year with some humour!