Top festive ideas for raising money

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Time for a guest post  from our Peer to peer expert’s down under at our Everyday Hero office in Brisbane.  The guys are going to be posting over the next few weeks on popular methods of Fundraising.

Top tips for Festive Fundraising.

  • Don’t know what you want for Christmas? Instead of asking for presents, why not just ask for the money to be put on your supporter page, not only helping you raise more money but also taking away the stress of the busy Christmas shopping for your loved ones.
  • Why not hold a Christmas Cake bake sale in your office? Ask your colleagues for a donation in return for one of your festive puddings and your money raised will increase almost as quickly as your tasty treats disappear!
  • Tired of seeing badly wrapped gifts under smartly decorated Christmas trees? Why not put a stop to this and offer a gift wrap service for your friends and family to save them the trouble and in return they make a contribution to your supporter page?
  • Having your mates over for the Boxing day test match? Why not ask them to chip in a donation in return for hosting a Christmas themed BBQ? (note: wearing a Santa hat will suffice)

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